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Simple Test of Korean by Openslang

Instruction :

This simple test evaluates your Korean language ability and shows your CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level. The test has 30 questions without any time limitation.


After the test, please leave your feedback on below discussion. It helps us make this test more awesome.

For examples,

“I'm Native Korean, I got 30/30.”

“I have TOPIK level 3. I got 21/30.”

“I have been doing self-study for 6 months, I got 13/30”.

“I am not Korean but I majored in Korean literature in University. I got 25/30”

Revision History :

Revision 170809

- Stable version

- Improved some question('Hanja' and time quizzes).

Revision 170806

- Made a group of very difficult questions(C1 level) little easier.

Revision 170805A

- Added new type questions

- Corrected some typo

- Made an group of easy questions(A1-A2 level) more difficult.

- Reduced Vocabulary based questions.

Revision 170805

- First launch

This test set doesn't follow openslang dictionary's 'CC' copyright policy. Copyright (C) 2017 Openslang dictionary. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer :

The test result doesn't gurantee your actual TOPIK result. The test result can't be used for any official purpose.


Andra Stan, 2017/08/22 04:48
You Scored: 21 / 30
Ranking: CEFR- B1(Low-intermediate), TOPIK- level 3

I've been learning Korean for 6 months and started again after a one year break and learning ever since. I guessed some of the answers, went with intuition for others and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm pretty happy with the result.
openslang, 2017/08/22 08:48
Thanks Andra!
I'm also pretty happy to make a test which made you pretty happy:)
Hannah, 2017/08/06 14:47
You Scored: 26 / 30
Ranking: CEFR- B2(Upper-intermediate) , TOPIK- level 4

I achieved TOPIK level 6 after 4-ish years of self-study and immersion (living in Korea).
openslang, 2017/08/06 17:05
Thanks for your feedback.
Maybe, I guess you missed difficult questions like the last three 'Hanja' quizzes or something.

A group of difficult questions have been little easier on the new revision (170806). Try it again if you can !
Originally, this quiz was designed that advanced speakers like you get 30/30.
I think you made some mistake and it would be not very difficult for you to get near 30/30.
Theodore Wolf, 2017/08/05 13:16
I've been doing self-study for 1 month. I got 8/30.
openslang, 2017/08/05 13:33
Thanks Theodore. I am pretty sure you will be far better than now after enough studying. Try the test again later. :)
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