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함정 (함은정)



hamjung (hameunjung)

Definition (meaning)

  • 함정 means 'But there is something bad, that is..'
  • a good thing is at front of sentence that included this word, and then bad thing shows with this word. For instance, 'I bought a new cell phone yesterday'(good thing) , It's 함정 that is broken today.(bad thing is showed with 함정)
  • originally, 함정 means a trap.

Definition by other languages

먼저 좋은 상황을 소개하고, 그에 대비하여 그 상황에 무언가 안좋은 점이 있을때 쓰는 단어.

First Known Use

Since 2010

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 1 : Allowed in public TV


나 새차 샀다. 근데 256개월 할부라는게 함정.



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