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쿨내 진동



coolae jindong

Definition (meaning)

  • extremely cool.
  • 쿨내 진동 means 'you are so cool, big-minded and don't care about small things.'
  • If you gave $100 to Bill Gates and said 'I don't need any money, money is not important for me' , you would be 쿨내 진동.
  • Literally, 쿨내 진동 is “smell of cool is full (in this place)”.
  • sometimes, this word is used as a tool of sarcasm.


원수에게 천만원을 선뜻내준 그에게서 쿨내가 진동하였다.

Definition by other languages

어떤이가 대범함, 쿨함이 넘칠때 사용한다. 때로는 비꼬기 위한 목적으로 쓰이기도 한다.(korean)


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