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짬밥 (짬)



jjambab (jjam)

Definition (meaning)

1. meal for military

e.g. 쫄병! 짬밥 안먹고 뭐하나?



a word which is used to express how many years you have worked in specific field or work place.

e.g. 내가 이 회사에서 먹은 짬밥이 얼만줄 알아?

Definition in other languages (含义 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)

1.군대에서 먹는 식사

2. 업무 경력. / 특정 직장이나 분야에서 일한 기간.(Korean)


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