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Definition (meaning)

1. This word is used when you feel pity, sympathy and sad.

e.g. 거지가 구걸하는 모습을 보니 가슴 한켠이 짠하다.

2. This word is also used when you get touched and impressived with some happy feeling.

e.g. 10년만에 친구를 만난 그는 가슴이 짠했다.

  • This word has some complicated meaning. This word is used to express negative and positive situations both. If you want to understand this word, you should know this word is basically based on sad feeling. Imagine the situation that you met your best friend whom you couldn't meet for 10 years! Maybe you feel sad and cry, you feel happy to meet them though. This word does work as this paradoxical mechanism.

Definition in other languages (含义 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)

1. 동정심과 안타까움이 들어 슬픈.

2. 감동적이고 기쁜.(Korean)


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