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Definition (meaning)

  • a college which is not in Seoul(capital city of Korea) and has not any academical fame.(almost fancy colleges are in Seoul)
  • In Korea, what college you graduated is very important thing for your whole life. If you can't go famous college, you don't deserves any respect from people and don't do any valuable thing despite of having enough ability in Korea. So, many students prepare to do college exam for almost day and night(about 16 hours per day for 12 years.) Students have never interesting or enjoyment of study and do study only for college admission.
  • This slang word shows that social issue very well.

Similar words by other languages


First Known Use

Since 2000

Taboo level

level 4 : Allowed in personal conversation, but it can looks rude.


  • 하루에 4시간만 자고 공부만해야 겨우 지잡대를 면할수 있어.



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