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Definition (meaning)

  • a photo which makes us to feel like sexual attraction quietly and softly, not obvious and directly.
  • a porn photo there is a girl who is covered to her part of important thing such a pussy but it's more attractive than perfectly putting off her clothes.

Definition by other languages


Similar words by other languages

  • 성기, 가슴등 중요한 부분을 살짝 가려서, 오히려 성적인 흥분을 높이는 사진.
  • 은꼴사는 은근히 꼴리는 사진의 준말이다.

First Known Use

Since 2000s

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 3 : Allowed in personal conversation, not rude but some less inteligent.


인터넷에서 은꼴사를 1000장이나 다운받았어



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