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Definition (meaning)

  • screenshot that is by Korean internet censorship and shows often when you uses internet in Korea. If you want to see some not-good thing such a porn, you will be redirected automatically to 'warning.or.kr' and see this screenshot.
  • you can see this screenshot on http://warning.or.kr/
  • Internet freedom level in Korea is very low and Korean Governments try to control using the internet by people as they want. Too many sites are prohibited by warning.or.kr and this act harms rights that allow to use internet freely. This word criticizes this issue.

Definition by other languages

포르노등 불건전 사이트라는 명목하에 대한민국정부가 강제로 특정사이트를 차단하는 경우 보이는 화면.

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First Known Use

Since 2010

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 1 : Allowed in public TV


한국에서 인터넷만 하면 맨날 워닝소리가 떠서 짜증난다.



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