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Definition (meaning)

  • I loved you in the past, I love you now and I'm going to love you in the future.
  • 예지앞사 is short for “예전이나 지금이나 앞으로도 사랑해”.
  • this word was used by Changsub(a member of Korean boy band- BTOB) first.
  • this word is not very famous in korea. Many koreans don't know this word.

e.g.예지앞사 영원히 너를 사랑할꺼야.

Definition in other languages (含义 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)

  • 예지앞사는 예전이나 지금이나 앞으로도 사랑해의 약어이다. / BTOB 멤버인 가수 창섭이 처음 사용하여 유명해 졌다. (korean)


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