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Definition (meaning)

  • behavior that you have relationships with multiple people and make them think that you love them and make them confused.
  • if a woman flattered you and you thought that 'wow! she loves me obviously', but later you knew she didn't and she had many men like you, it's just intended by her, you can say it was 어장관리.
  • Literally, 어장관리 means “management for fishery”.

Definition by other languages

이성에게 그들을 좋아하는 것 같이 착각을 유발하는 행동을 하여, 그들을 자신에게 미련을 같게 하는 애매모호한 인간관계를 유지하는 행위.(korean)

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 5 : Never Allowed in a relationship

the person doing 어장관리 might have a histrionic personality disorder


그 여자는 주말마다 만나는 사람이 다른거 보니 어장관리를 하는게 틀림없다.



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