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Definition (meaning)

  • 안알랴줌 means “I don't want to let you know”. Formal expression is “안알려주다”. 안알랴줌 feels like more cute and soft than formal expression.
  • 안 means prefix which means “NOT”, 알랴줌 means “알려주다”(means teach, show, tell, make to know)
  • this word is usually used by observers than a person who wants not to say something. For instance, when someone doesn't say anything which must be said, observers say 안알랴줌 to criticize him. this is most common usage of this word.
  • this word is often used to mock korean president Park Guen-hye. She is very stupid and tries to hide her faults. So korean people say '안알랴줌.' when she makes some fault and hides it.

Definition by other languages

무언가를 상대방에게 알려주지 않겠다는 의사를 귀엽게 표현한것이다.

본 단어는 한국 대통령 박근혜의 불투명한 행정을 비판하기 위해 사용되기도 한다. (korean)

First Known Use

Since 2014

Taboo level

level 1 : Allowed in public TV, Books for kids


  • 안알랴줌. (usually, this word is used itself only, not used with any other words)



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