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Noun , Exclamation



Definition (meaning)

1. yay!

This word is an exclamation that shows feelings such as excitement

e.g. 아싸! 호랑나비~

2. an outsider

a ​person who is not ​involved with a ​particular ​group of people and is disliked by people who is in the group.

Antonyms : 인싸

e.g. 그는 친구가 하나도 없는 아싸였다.

Definition in other languages (意思 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)

1. 즐거움을 나타내는 감탄사.

2. 왕따. 특정 사회조직내에서 따돌림 당하는 사람. 아싸는 아웃사이더의 준말이다. (Korean)


Sasha, 2020/05/18 13:13
this is such a great website!!! thank you!! i was wondering if, because of the increasing popularity of 아싸 meaning "outsider", whether the first meaning (아싸 = yay!) sounds kind of out of fashion/not on trend?
openslang, 2020/07/04 12:17
As what you said, second meaning -- outsider -- is more popular recently(especially, for young people).
However, first meaning is still used in the variety generations. In my opinion, first meaning will be survive but second meaning will lose its popularity in some years. Because first meaning is like 'the steady seller'.
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