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 ==== Definition (meaning) ==== ==== Definition (meaning) ====
-little happiness which you can archive ​very easily ​during ​your every day life.+little happiness which you can get very easily ​in your every day life.
-소확행 is short for '​소소하지만 확실한 행복'​.+(e.g. drinking coffee at Starbucks , watching Netflix after your work. -> They aren't needed very big money at all but you can feel happy very firmly from them) 
 +소확행 is short for '​소소하지만 확실한 행복(Little but firm happiness) ​'.
 //e.g. 거창한 행복보다 소확행을 추구하며 살아라.//​ //e.g. 거창한 행복보다 소확행을 추구하며 살아라.//​