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Noun Adjective



Definition (meaning)

  • someone who has not perfect looking but you would feel more attractive by him or her if you meet him or her over and over again.
  • someone who has hidden charm.

Definition by other languages

  • 볼수록 매력 있는 사람, 외모가 완벽하진 않지만 숨겨진 매력이 있어 만날때 마다 매력이 느껴지는 사람.

Similar words by other languages


First Known Use

Since 2015

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 1 : Allowed in public TV


  • 그는 비록 얼굴이 잘생긴건 아니지만 숨겨진 매력이 있는 볼매와 같은 사람이다.



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