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병신 (븅신)



byeongshin (byoongshin)

Definition (meaning)

  • a stupid person. an idiot
  • originally, 병신 meant a disabled person or someone has serious disease in the past. But now, 병신 usually uses to say about a stupid person.

Definition by other languages

원래는 신체 또는 정신에 심각한 질병을 가진 사람을 의미하는 말이었으나, 현대에는 의미가 달라져서, 바보같은 사람을 조롱하는 뜻에서 사용되는 말이 되었다.

First Known Use

Since long time ago.

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 4 : Allowed in personal conversation, but it can looks rude.


병신아 그것도 못하니?



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