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Definition (meaning)

  • someone does something with no discretion and carefulness.
  • this word uses like a prefix with negative words , for instance 묻지마 살인(means killing someone with no reason), 묻지마 폭행(means hitting with no reason).. you can make so many words as this way, '묻지마 + negative word'

Definition by other languages

아무 이유없이, 아무런 생각없이, 아무런 신중함없이 벌이는 일들을 수식하는 단어. 예를 들어 묻지마 살인이라 함은 아무 이유없이 누군가를 죽이는 경우를 뜻한다.

Similar words by other languages


First Known Use

Since 2000s

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 1 : Allowed in public TV


요새 묻지마 살인사건들이 자꾸 일어나서 세상살기가 두렵다.




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