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Definition (meaning)

  • a young mother who has kids and does some illegal thing or is very rude against others only because she is someone's mother.
  • 맘충 thinks that 'mother' is special privilege to hurts anybody.
  • For instance, 맘충 wants not to pay and ask free products in a supermarket, speaks very loudly in a public place, puts a diaper which has poops on a table in a restaurant. 맘충 thinks above behaviors are all right because she is 'someone's mother'.
  • Literally, 맘충 is '맘(english word - mom) + 충(means a bug or an insect).
  • This word has hate speech issue. Be careful when you use this word.

e.g. 맘충들이 몰려와 카페를 엉망으로 해놓고 갔다.

Definition in other languages (意思 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)

  • 남에게 민폐를 끼치는 어린자녀의 엄마들. 이들은 대게 누군가의 엄마라는 사실을 대단한 특권이라 생각하고 뻔뻔스럽게 행동하는 특징을 보인다. 이 단어는 혐오/증오 발언 문제의 소지가 있는 단어이다. 사용에 주의가 필요하다. (Korean)


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