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단백질 도둑



danbackjill dodook

Definition (meaning)

  1. a porn video actress.
  2. a very sexy hot damn woman as much as making you ejaculated when you see her.
  • literally, 단백질 means protein(this is mainly factor of sperm), 도둑 means a theft.

Definition by other languages

  • 1) AV 포르노 배우. 2)보자마자 사정할 만큼 섹시한 여자. 정액의 주요 성분이 단백질이란것에 착안하여 만들어진 단어이다

First Known Use

Since 2010

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 3 : Allowed in personal conversation for adults, not rude , very sexual harassment , some less intelligent.


카에라 우에하라는 내 인생 최고의 단백질 도둑이다.




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