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다컸다 패닝



dakutta fanning

Definition (meaning)

  • American Actress - Hannah Dakota Fanning (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakota_Fanning)
  • Literally, 다컸다 패닝 means “Full-grown-up Fanning”. 다컸다(means full-grown) and Dakota sound very similar. Dakota has been doing her acting career since she was very young. So, It's a kind of pun.

e.g.다코타 패닝이 다커서 이제 다컸다 패닝이 됐다.

Definition by other languages

  • 미국 영화배우 다코타 패닝. / 다코타와 다컸다의 발음이 비슷하며, 다코타 패닝이 아역배우로 출발했다는 것에 착안한 언어유희이다.(korean)


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