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내가 하면 로맨스 남이 하면 불륜 (내로남불)



naega hamyeon romance namee hamyeon boolyun (naeronambool)

Definition (meaning)

  • Literally, 내로남불 means “ If I did adultery , it would be an innocent romance but if you did adultery , it would be a guilty dirty thing. ”
  • My fault is not fault but your fault is a real fault.
  • This sentence shows 'double standard thing'.

Definition by other languages

내가 저지르는 나쁜짓은 나쁜짓이 아니지만, 남이 저지르는 나쁜짓은 나쁜짓이라는 이중잣대를 풍자하는 문장.

First Known Use

Since 1990s

Taboo level (Level 1~5, Higher is more disapproved)

level 2 : Allowed in public conversation for adults, not rude , not sexual harassment


내가 하면 로맨스 남이 하면 불륜이라더니, 자기가 저지른 잘못은 사과하지 않는구나!




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