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Definition (meaning)

  1. 궁디 means ass and 팡팡 means an onomatopoeia word of description for hitting something. so 궁디팡팡 is a word to express a situation hitting ass.
  2. 궁디팡팡 means 'You made a good job and I want to praise you'.
  3. Sometimes, 궁디팡팡 have meaning that “You made some mistake, and I will punish you” with no offense and no negative intend.
  • 궁디팡팡 sounds some cute, so this word has positive and good feeling.
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First Known Use

Since 2010

Taboo level

level 1 : Allowed in public TV, Books for kids


  • 전교 1등을 하다니 우리 아들 궁디팡팡을 해줘야 겠구나!
  • 빨리 학교에 가지 않으면 궁디팡팡 해줄꺼다?



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