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겁나 (겁나게)



gumna (gumnagae)

Definition (meaning)

  • This word is used to emphasize some adjective words such as 'much, many, good, bad, etc'.
  • For instance..
  • 차들이 많다 means “there are many cars.” –> 차들이 겁나 많다 means “there are so many cars”.
  • 나는 너가 싫어 means “I hate you” –> 나는 너가 겁나 싫어 means “I hate you very much”.

Definition in other languages (意思 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)

양, 질등을 나타내는 형용사를 보다 강조하기 위한 단어이다. 예를 들어 “차들이 겁나 많다”라고 하면 차가 매우 많다는 의미가 된다.(Korean)


openslang, 2016/02/12 06:58

To. anonymous contributor.

1 .Your correction for pronunciation gumna (gumnagae) looks be right. I think gumna is more accurate pronunciation than gupna, too,

2. However, “내” means “my” or “me”. So, your corrections for some example sentences are wrong.

Thanks for your contribution.

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