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-<​form>​ +<​form>​ action template wizard_form "​@@Language Category@@:​@@word@@"​
-action ​ template wizard_form ​ "​@@Language Category@@:​@@word@@"​+
 Thanks "​Thanks for your contribution."​ Thanks "​Thanks for your contribution."​
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 select "​Language Category"​ "​English|Korean|Japanese|Chinese|Spanish|Russian|French"​ select "​Language Category"​ "​English|Korean|Japanese|Chinese|Spanish|Russian|French"​
-textbox ​ "​Word"​+textbox "​Word"​
-select "Word Class" ​ "​Noun|Verb|Adverb|Adjective|Idiom|onomatopoeia" ​+select "Word Class" "​Noun|Verb|Adverb|Adjective|Idiom|onomatopoeia"​
 textbox "​Pronunciation"​ textbox "​Pronunciation"​
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 textarea "​Definition"​ textarea "​Definition"​
-textarea "​Definition ​by other languages"​+textarea "​Definition ​in other languages ​(意思 / significado / परिभाषा / 意味 / Bedeutung / définition / 뜻)"
-select ​"Taboo level " ​ "Level.1|Level.2|Level.3|Level.4|Level.5" ​+yesno "Has this article any adult content ?" "=aci" "​! ​"
-textarea "​Examples"​+submit </​form>​
-textarea "​Notes"​ 
-yesno "Has this article any adult content ?" "​=aci"​ "! "